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1934 C 3/W 1 ---SOLD---

Item Number 42-2
1934 C 3/W 1 ---SOLD---
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....This car is SOLD but wanted to keep the picture up to show the different and beautiful woods we build Knot Rods from.

The entire body of this special car is made from Figured Oregon Mrytle, including fenders.  Oregon Mrytle is a stunning wood with rich golden hues.  This particular wood that Dick built this car from has been aged for 87 years so there is no other wood out there today like it that we know of.  The graceful aging of this wood shows in the deep tones that prevail.  I love the figure in this wood, especially the darker swirls on the sides of the car.  The complimentary Black Walnut and beautiful Bastogne Walnut trim sets this car off perfectly.  Another one of a kind piece with the wonderful woods we found for this car.  Dick used Black walnut for the inlayed windows and windshield. Rare Bastogne Walnut Sapwood was used for the other contrasting accents on this '34, including the grill shell and ribs, hood louvres, running board ribs, and lastly, Knot Rods classic "Steelie" wheels.  Tires and drop axle are crafted from Black Walnut wood. All of our cars are signed and dated by the Artist on the bottom of the car and are then sealed with a beautiful clear satin finish.  
A "Certificate of Title" is included showing the woods used in this Knot Rod, and a "Release of Ownership" by builder Richard S. Arnold.

The 1934 Three Window Coupe was one of the beautiful Classic cars of the 1930's.  Then in the 1950's this same model, whether a Ford, Chevy, Mopar or other automaker, made it's transition into one the most popular Hot rods of the day.  Eventually becoming a standard model in the Street Rod scene.  Ever the Classic Stock Model or eventual Hot rod, there are still a lot of them out there today,  being enjoyed and driven.  They will live in our history forever it seems, and that is a good thing!                                      
                                                                          "Handcrafted with care in the U.S.A.!"
Feature 6
Introducing our first window cars! This 1934 Three Window Coupe is the first original Knot Rods design with windows. For so long our intent in building our cars was to show off the woods and not interrupt the flow of the wood. But, inlayed windows had to come and now was the time. It is important to us to integrate them tastefully using complimentary woods so as to not take away from the beauty of the body of the wood used. We hope you like them !
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