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34 R 5

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34 R 5
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The body and fenders in this Knot Rod are both made from rare and rich Curly Black Walnut.  The accents on this '34 Roadster are made from contrasting Hickory Sapwood that looks so perfect with Black Walnut. These include inlayed grill ribs, inlayed hood louvres, inlayed running boards ribs and also the grill shell.  Black walnut was used for the drop axle and windshield.  Tires are Black Walnut and the wheels are Original Knot Rods "Steelies", made from Hickory Sapwood as well.   Subtle Black Walnut door outline is also an additional feature of this beautiful Roadster.

This Knot Rod is a box car which means it can hold items of your choice.  A perfect fit for business cards.  You can also use it to hold those keys to your special car, a watch, jewelry or even wrapped candies.  Our Shortboard surfboards look great in the box too.

The grain and curl in this Black Walnut we found to build this car from is awesome.  Very unusual in not only the wide ribbon effect curl that it shows, but also the grain of the wood actual flows like an ocean current.  The colors vary naturally from lighter shade to a slightly darker shade and then to a reddish shade of Black Walnut and it is visually very different and really lovely.  Another "One of a Kind" Knot Rod with wood found for this Roadster.

 All of our cars are signed and dated by the Artist and are then sealed with a beautiful clear satin finish.   A "Certificate of Title" is included showing the woods used in this Knot Rod, and a release of ownership by builder Richard S. Arnold.

                                                                           "Handcrafted with care in the U.S.A.!"
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